Historical Places and beautiful beaches, Side is right city.

Historical Places and beautiful beaches, Side is right city.
If you are looking for a mix of beautiful beach and history for vacation, Side is the place.
The Temple of Athens is beautifully situated on the harbor, with the standing columns facing the sea, and if you climb to the highest seating area in the huge Roman theater on the other side of the city, you get a wonderful view of the stately Taurus Mountains .

Check out our list for ideas on the best places to visit in Side-Manavgat.

1. Temples of Apollo and Athens:
By 1000 BC, Side had its first settlement, but it was in the 7th or 6th century BC, when Greek settlers established a colony and built a harbor here, that the city began to flourish. During the Roman times, this city became an important commercial center.

At the tip of the peninsula of Side lie the remains of the two main temples of the ancient city, dedicated to Athens and Apollo. Although they are in no way complete, they have a picturesque location with views over the Mediterranean and are especially atmospheric at night when the ruins are illuminated. Side harbor is a great place for a sunset promenade, with plenty of cafes lining the shoreline along the ruins.

The Side, Manavgat Waterfalls and Aspendos tour is a perfect way to see the sights of this area all in one day. This full-day tour includes a guided visit to all of Side's major tourist attractions, including the Temples of Apollo and Athens and the Theater, a trip to Aspendos to see Turkey's famously gigantic Roman Theater, and also stops at the waterfalls of Manavgat. It includes all entrance fees, lunch, and transportation with hotel pickup and drop-off.

2. Theater:
The Side Theater was the largest in ancient Pamphylia, seating 15,000 spectators in its 49 rows of seats. Although several of the supporting arches have collapsed, bringing down part of the auditorium, it is still a remarkably preserved example of Roman architectural skill. Don't miss to take a closer look at the stage walls, which have well-preserved reliefs.

3. Side Museum:
Side Museum may be small, but it offers a rather beautiful and charmingly curated collection. The museum uses the city's 5th-century bathhouse to display its exhibits, which mainly consist of beautifully detailed Hellenistic and Roman sculptures found at locations in and around Side.

4. East Beach:
Side is better known for its sun and sand than for its ancient history. During the summer months with endless blue skies, European travelers flock to the city to rest on the sand of the many beaches along the surrounding coast. A bustling spot filled with sun loungers, restaurants and cafes, East Beach offers everything you need for a full day of sunbathing, relaxing and getting the tan.

5.State Agora:
This imposing Roman complex functioned as the state agora. On the east side, an original two-story building is thought to have been used as a library, while in a column of niches you can still see a figure of Nemesis, the goddess of fate.

6. Manavgat Waterfall (Manavgat Selalesi):
For a picnic spot away from the beach, you can't beat the Manavgat Falls, about 13 kilometers northeast of Side. The falls are located on the Manavgat River, which rises in the Seytan Mountains of the Taurus Mountains. Surrounded by a landscaped garden, the area is hugely popular with both local families and tourists on sunny weekends.
Combine a visit to the falls with some history with the Side, Aspendos and Manavgat Waterfalls tour, which explores this region on a full day. You'll first visit the falls before continuing on to Aspendos, with its rugged ruins surrounding the massive theater, then head back to Side to visit all the major Roman remains scattered around the city.

7. Köprülü Canyon:
Seven kilometers east of Aspendos, and about 70 kilometers northwest of Side, a long Seljuk humpback whale, with Roman foundations, crosses the Köprülü River. Further north, behind the village of Alabalik, the river narrows, marking the point where the mountainous and impressive Köprülü Canyon National Park begins. This is the best spot in the region for whitewater rafting, and half-day rafting trips are easily arranged in both Side and Antalya.
Even if you don't like rafting, hiking is one of the other popular activities to do, or you can just admire the dramatic canyon scenery.

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