Some drinks you should try in Turkey

Some drinks you should try in Turkey
The importance of food in Turkish culture is beyond dispute. The same importance applies to traditional drinks. Some will warm you up in the winter months, while others quench your thirst in the summer while you bathe in the Aegean Sea. Here are some traditional Turkish drinks that you should definitely try!

Turkish coffee:
One of the oldest coffee preparation methods awaits you. The unique taste consists of airy foam, rich dark coffee and the light bitterness of ground beans. Turkish coffee is one of the few types of coffee that is actually boiled, drunk and then the ground beans are read at the bottom of the cup by a fortune teller, or if you're lucky, a well-spoken, imaginative friend. The design of the cup with thin lips and the protective foam keeps the coffee warm for longer while you enjoy every sip.

Drinking coffee after a good meal plays a major role in the Turkish tradition. That is why it is important to save space for it. A cold glass of water is always served alongside your coffee. This is to clean the palate. In local neighborhoods, Turkish coffee is a symbol of friendship and if you are ever offered a cup it is always polite to accept it.

Turkish Tea:
Turkish tea, with a history stretching back 5000 years, has become the center of most social activities. It complements today's Turkish culture. Turkey is by far one of the largest consumers of tea.
Located in the eastern Black Sea region, Rize is home to most, if not all, tea plantations in Turkey. Leaves go through a number of processes during harvesting and are then brewed to perfection. Locals drink it constantly and will offer it to guests all day and even after a meal. Once you fall in love with Turkish hospitality and culture, it can be hard for you to leave!

Buttermilk is made by adding water to yogurt. It is one of the many gifts that the Turks have given the world. If you like yogurt, you will love the freshness and taste of buttermilk. Made easy any time of the day, this healthy drink is a favorite among locals and travelers alike. To fully experience the refreshment, you need to drink it cold.

Şalgam Suyu:
Pickled turnip juice comes from the mustard family. This interestingly spicy drink is very popular in the Cukurova region of Turkey. Places like Mersin, Adana and Hatay belong to the origin. These beets are mixed with water and salt to create a simple pickle. The redness comes from the use of black roots. A popular drink with heavy meat dishes.

Turkish Boza is a smoothie-like fermented drink based mainly on cracked wheat and yeast. It has a sweet and spicy taste that everyone finds addictive! When we think of Turkish winters, the thought of boza often comes to mind. This drink comes from ancient Anatolia and then consisted of wheat, corn, rice and barley. Noted for its great health properties, lowering blood pressure and high potassium content, this hot drink is usually served with roasted chickpeas.

One of the best known and most popular drinks in Turkey is Rakı. A colorless alcoholic drink, always served with water and usually with ice. Rakı is made from the processing of anise and grapes. You will find many people enjoying a glass or two after work at sunset with friends, to music and enjoying some mezes and chatting all night. Enjoy it!

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