Titanic Beach Lara, One of Turkey's Best Hotels

Titanic Beach Lara, One of Turkey's Best Hotels
Standing out with its advantageous location close to the city, Titanic has a total of 586 rooms spread over an area of ​​95 thousand square meters.
Beach Lara, with its thematic architecture, stylish decoration, pleasant rooms and friendly atmosphere,
provides a holiday experience. Titanic Beach is approximately 30 km and 30 minutes from Lara city center.

Titanic Beach Lara, located in Lara, the pearl of the Mediterranean coast with its sandy beach that hosts the rarest sand lilies,
By offering comfort, taste and entertainment options to its guests, they get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
It provides different opportunities in all areas to have a great time.

Lara, which is only 10 minutes away from Antalya and the International Airport, is a special tourism region.
In the middle of Turkey's Mediterranean coast. It attracts attention with its magnificent sandy beach in front of pine forests.
It is a center of attraction with its proximity to Antalya airport. Lara passes in the perfect location
the place where the famous Düden waterfall spills into the sea. Amusement parks on the coastline, Lara Beach,
rural coffee houses and outdoor exhibits made the area more attractive.
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